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Retreat to Nature






Reset and Open the Mind,


Strengthen and Heal the Body

 Spiritual, Mental, Physical, and Emotional

Lamb's Pond has evolved to become a voice for nature. Guests and clients have easy access to unique wild gathering spaces. 

Each space provides an opportunity for deeper connections where people can self reflect and reconnect to themselves in a beautiful

and serene natural setting.  

Physical and mental wellbeing are of utmost importance to living a healthy life and require practice and dedication.

A retreat to nature is the great connector.

Located 10 km north of Brockville, the 15 acres of private land features mixed forest, meadow, wetland, and access to Lambs Pond shoreline is located in the Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve


Shelley Gallagher, owner and venue co ordinator  welcomes opportunities to help her clients and guests  gain the greatest  value for

their wedding, retreat or overnight stays.




"In today's busy technologically dominated lifestyle, many humans live without meaningful connections to the natural world. The evolution of Lamb's Pond mirrors my own personal journey; discovering the healing powers of nature and ultimately reconnecting to my own true nature, where anything is possible."

~Shelley Gallagher~



“This is such a special place of relaxation and healing. The owner has gone to great lengths to make this property a thoughtful and meaningful experience. This is by far one of the nicest places I have visited in the region and I would return in a heartbeat!”


~Nadine Brittan-Ibrahin,

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