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Lamb's Pond Facilities


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Wildflower Meadow

An open space ideal for yoga, meditation or any activity where movement is required.  The space could also accommodate a large tent canopy should clients require additional outdoor covered spaces or individual tents should clients wish to provide overnight retreat.  Capacity of 40 people.

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Faerie Circle

A private open space  surrounded by trees and a view of Lambs' Pond. Simple bench seating creates an intimate circle for a ceremony or group activity.

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Swimming platform overlooking  Lamb's Pond is the best place to experience the expanse and beauty of this Provincially Significant Wetland.

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Lakeside Rest

A small retreat space located on the parameters of the property which provides privacy for a small workshop of 10 to 15 people. 

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This relaxing bedroom suite, with private entrance,  is the newest addition to Lamb's Pond .  Queen size bed, sitting area, electric fireplace, bistro table. and an ensuite private spa-like full bathroom, make this an ideal overnight retreat get-away. Microwave, fridge, convection oven, induction burner and BBQ are provided for preparing your own meals.

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Wood Fired Sauna

This woodfired sauna consists of a foyer to hang towels and a separate sauna room for up to 8 people. You can enjoy a dry sauna or wet sauna. With a wet sauna simply pour water over the rocks to produce steam. Adding essential oils to the water will create a more relaxing atmosphere of warmth, steam and aromatherapy

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Forest Amphitheatre

A beautiful outdoor site canopied under mixed hardwood trees.  Rustic cedar bench seating on a sloping hill looking down on a circle of tree stumps with a large tree trunk podium.  Referred to as the "Forest Chapel" during an intimate wedding ceremony, this large space is ideal for workshop and/or teaching presentations/workshops.  Capacity of 50 or more people. 

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The large Tipi is constructed from the cedar logs found on the property and covered by recycling boat sails with an aromatic cedar chip floor.  Tucked amongst the trees, the Ti Pi provides an intimate, quiet environment where people can focus, share and feel safe. Capacity of 20 people. 

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Zen Garden

Featuring a courtyard perennial garden canopied by trees, surrounded by large rock seating, waterfall feature and a view of Lamb's Pond.  Site includes rock seating and bistro seating.  

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Healing Forest

Enter this 500m loop trail in the Healing Forest with 11 pods and Discover a unique and magical setting of tranquility and serenity.  This 500m loop is an ideal area for professionals to showcase a variety of holistic health treatments or guest to enjoyia quiet walk through the forest. 

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This is a cozy one person space where guests can forget the noise and chatter of the outside world.

Sit back in a comfortable reclining rocking chair, read or write or simply gaze upon the marsh and waters of Lamb's Pond. This is your personal, intimate space for contemplation and reflection.

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Gazebo & Picnic Area

The Screened Gazebo is our newest facility addition.  Picnic table and bistro table nearby provide unique space to relax with great views of the lake. Covered BBQ provided for outside meal preparation.

Gazebo could accommodate small groups for Yoga, wellness  practioners and/ or meetings up to 10 to 15 people 

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Two rustic yet glamorous outhouses provide washroom facilities nestled in the woods. Both facilities feature an adjacent sink and taps for washing up!

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Campfire Circle

This cozy area, adjacent to the sauna consists of Adirondack chairs with a view of Lamb's Pond.  Accommodate up to 8 chairs.

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Map of Lamb's Pond

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