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By its nature, Lamb's Pond is a 

Space To Thrive & Revive

Whatever your style, 

We'll help you achieve it.

Looking for a unique setting to hold a small workshop?


A professional development session with colleagues? A strategic planning session with your board of directors? 

 A space where your clients can relax and unwind and connect to nature?

The property boasts numerous unique gathering spaces for small group workshops. Forest Amphitheatre can accommodate a larger audience of up to 70 people. Outdoor covered spaces include a large Ti Pi which can accommodate 20 people. The Healing Forest provides 11 pod areas suitable for a variety of healing practitioners. 




A Lambs pond workshop, provided by Shelley Gallagher is available on request to guest hosts. 



Lamb's Pond Retreat Workshop 

By Shelley Gallagher


Program Outline

This workshop gives participants an opportunity for quiet exploration and reflection in nature.  A guided group discussion, following the individual exploration, will help participants to further explore their own lives as they relate to the messages found in nature. The circle of sharing provides a safe place of non-judgment and confidentiality.  Sharing is always optional.


Shelley has lived along the shores of Lamb's Pond for the last 23 years. During this time nature has been a profound source of inspiration and wisdom, guiding her through difficult times along a path of healing and renewal. She thrives on sharing these teachings with others in interactive workshops where participants reconnect with the natural surroundings; in a way that taps into the power of their inner strength and true nature.

She has worked in the environmental education field for over 25 years, helping children and adults connect with nature. In 2005 Shelley co ordinated the creation of an Environmental Education Network in the Frontenac Arch Biosphere region. She quickly realized the power of many diverse hands working together for a common vision. The success of this project supported the native teaching that “we are part of the vast web of life that spans the Universe, all people are related to everything including nature.” As co founder of Women Empowering Women – Guided by Nature, she has seen firsthand the power that nature and non-judgment can have on helping people improve their lives. Shelley continues to explore all aspects of personal growth by practicing a more mindful conscious existence where nature remains at the core of her guiding principles and education. 

Why Nature

MIND: Emotionally, we relax, become more present to our own emotions and develop a level of compassion and affinity for all beings. Our capacity to be a human being rather than a human doing grows and we become more receptive. From this state, we can recognize and shift mental patterns, and experience new insights. In this way coaching in nature accelerates personal growth, often shortening the time needed for powerful breakthroughs.

BODY: Physically, nature heals us. When we tune in and allow our body to receive through all senses, our brain relaxes and slows down, moving into the alpha state, the same one we access through meditation. Stress hormones dissipate, and healing/happy hormones and endorphins take their place. Documented effects include: boosting the immune system; reduced blood pressure, stress and anxiety; increased energy and sense of well-being; improved mood and ability to focus. 

SPIRIT: Spiritually, nature puts us in touch with our sense of wonder; of being connected to something much greater than ourselves. Our perspective shifts when we realize that we are connected through our DNA to everything on our Earth. We begin to see ourselves as an integral part of a miraculous wholeness. 

The cost for this guided workshop is $30 per half hour and also available offsite.

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