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Playing For The Soul


What is a House Concert?

In the days of chamber music, people would gather in their drawing rooms to listen to musicians. It was a way to get together with friends and, at the same time, be introduced to artists and their work. It was a time when involvement in the arts was a part of everyday life! Today, most of us attend concerts where the performers are inaccessible. A House Concert is different! It provides a unique, intimate and magical experience for both artists and audience.

The growing popularity of House Concerts is giving independent artist opportunities to build a grass-roots following. By attending, you are making a significant contribution to an artist’s careers.

Lamb’s Pond has hosted several House Concerts over the years. The cozy, open concept Timber frame home with stone fireplace makes this venue ideal for sound acoustics, audience viewing and artists performing. It truly is a win-win. Everyone walks away happy! Please note that this venue is also wheelchair accessible.

Please contact us for pricing.

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