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Lamb’s Pond aspires to operate in a way that protects the health, safety and security of guests, staff members and volunteers while pursuing the organization’s mission and safeguarding assets needed for programs and activities. The safety of personnel receiving or engaged in delivering programs offered by Lamb’s Pond or guest hosts is a top priority and this emphasis will always be clearly communicated. Lamb’s Pond involves appropriate personnel, whether owners or guest hosts, in identifying risks and creating practical strategies in order to make certain that the approach to risk management considers diverse perspectives and that staff, volunteers and participants understand their responsibility to protect the confidentiality of program participants, the safety and security of facilities, the integrity of our reputation, the preservation and future growth of assets as well as the fulfillment of our mission.

The Risk Management Plan adopted by Lamb’s Pond, details policies and procedures to identify and mitigate potential risks associated with all aspects of our operations. These include issues regarding anti-harassment, equity, and prevention and management of injury, and also, a clear delineation of responsibility of risk management, including identified uses of property venue, staff supervision, as well as standards of care for programs, emergency procedures, facility needs and risks (including equipment standards, internet security, prudent use of facilities and trails, and preventative maintenance), insurance, and volunteer risks and management strategies.

Risk Management Philosophy

Lamb’s Pond aspires to operate in a way that protects the health, safety and security of guests, staff members and volunteers while pursuing the organization’s mission and safeguarding assets needed for mission-critical programs and activities.

Risk Management Goals

The safety of personnel receiving or engaged in delivering services sponsored by Lamb’s Pond shall always be regarded as a top priority and this emphasis shall be communicated throughout the organization in order to ensure its understanding.

General Safety Principles

Lamb’s Pond seeks to involve appropriate personnel, at all levels of the organization in identifying risks and creating practical strategies in order to make certain that the organization’s approach to risk management considers diverse perspectives and that staff understand their responsibility to protect the confidentiality of our guests, the safety and security of our facilities, the integrity our reputation, the preservation and future growth of assets as well as the fulfillment of our mission.


(Staff, Guest Hosts and Volunteers)

I understand that my active participation in Lamb’s Pond is important to the success of my involvement and the organization’s efforts. Therefore, I agree to abide by the following rules for my participation

. • I understand that my consistent participation is important, and I will honor my time and service commitment.

• I will respect the rights, dignity and worth of all people involved within the program. I will be a positive role model for the guests with whom I have contact.

• I understand that the relationship between the guests and me is important and I will not include other people in our activities, including members of the guests’ or my family

. • I understand that my role as a volunteer (or employee) is a matter of trust and will not pursue any activities with the guest(s) outside the confines of the organization’s program.

• I understand that I may learn personal information about others that I will keep confidential.

• I will not engage in activities that pose a serious risk of injury to myself and others, including but not limited to, use of alcohol or drugs (illegal or that impair my ability to perform my duties), or smoking in the presence of guests.

I will refrain from any form of personal abuse towards others, including verbal, physical and emotional abuse.

• I will not engage in any inappropriate contact or relationship with a guest or other participant of the organization’s programs.

• I will be alert to any form of abuse from other sources directed toward guests.

• I will neither arrange, nor participate in, any prohibited activities without express permission from the organization.

• I will inform the guest’s family of any activity plans and obtain their approval as needed.

• I will not buy gifts or give money to any guest. When in doubt of the appropriateness of a modest gift, I will check with the organization.

• I will maintain regular contact with my supervisor by responding promptly to any calls, letters, or other means of communication. I also understand that the organization may request a meeting to discuss my participation and I will respond promptly.

• I understand that if a problem arises between the guest and/or the guest’s family or caregiver, I will contact the organization immediately.

• I agree to follow all established rules and guidelines of the organization.

I have read and agree to abide by the Lamb’s Pond Code of Conduct. I understand that if I violate this Code of Conduct, I will be subject to a range of consequences, up to and including being prohibited from participating in any activities or program


Let Nature Be Your Guide

All staff and volunteers working with guests participating in programs and events occurring at Lamb’s Pond, shall be guided by the following values inherent in nature.

Safe and Non-judgmental – “Nature does not judge” The beauty of a butterfly is a human constructed judgement, whereby a leech could be equally beautiful and both play an important role in our natural ecosystem.

Authenticity – We are reflections of nature in all its beauty and ugliness – “This place is an extension of me – this place is me as I like myself best”

Respect for others - Respect for diversity inherent in nature i.e. leech to a butterfly

Freedom Open spaces such as the expanse of looking out over the lake, devoid of any obstacles

Peace – The quiet, private surroundings are void of human sounds, roads and other houses.

Wisdom – “Let Nature Be Our Guide” Many metaphors in nature are readily available to offer us guidance and inspiration.

Joy – Appreciation in the beauty of nature (design, colour, shapes and textures) supports inspiration and creativity i.e. photography, painting, drawing, colours for decorating.

Criminal History Background Checks

It is the policy of our organization to conduct criminal history background checks on all applicants for paid and volunteer positions. The results of these checks are reviewed against the organization’s eligibility criteria to determine whether any applicants must be excluded due to the results of the background check.

Emergency Procedures

To ensure the safety of our guests, and staff, Lamb’s Pond has established an emergency action plan. All personnel are responsible for knowing and following the plan, as outlined in the Emergency Handbook, which is posted visibly to all participants. The Emergency Handbook is reviewed annually and modified on an as-needed basis. Workshop participants who are in the wilderness overnight must provide emergency contact information and sign a waiver.

Concussion Prevention and Management Policy

Head injuries are unlikely to occur at Lamb’s Pond but could result from falls that occasionally occur while hiking the trails. This policy defines the responsibilities in concussion prevention and in dealing with any potential concussion injury.

Concussion can be thought of as a bruised brain. Clinical signs and symptoms immediately post head trauma may include loss of consciousness, confusion, amnesia, disorientation, vomiting, disequilibrium and sensory dysfunction including visual, olfactory and auditory disturbance. Long-term symptoms of concussion may include cognitive deficits and poor concentration, dizziness, balance and coordination problems, recurrent headache, emotional liability, mood disturbance, altered sleep pattern and easy fatigability.

Prevention Responsibilities

“Duty of Care” is a legal principle that identifies the obligations of individuals and organizations to take reasonable measures to care for and protect their participants. Lamb’s Pond has a regular trail maintenance schedule to ensure that trails are maintained to the extent possible, to minimize the likelihood of falls and injury. The individual participant (or parent or guardian of an underaged guest) assumes responsibility for safe trail exploration. It is the individual’s responsibility to judge whether conditions are safe for him or her to navigate the trails, to use appropriate gear (for example, shoes or hiking boots that are designed for wilderness walks) and to conduct himself or herself in a safe manner. Conducting oneself in a safe manner includes staying on the clearly marked trails and bringing a map of trails and boundaries to help navigate.


After an Injury, Lamb’s Pond does not offer direct medical services, but staff are trained in First Aid. Ultimately, the individual is responsible for his or her own health and medical condition. If there is a suspected head trauma, staff will suggest that the individual seek immediate medical attention. In the case that the injured person appears unable to make his or her own decision, staff and/or volunteers who are present must immediately call for emergency medical assistance. In the event of a head trauma to a child or youth resulting in concussive symptoms, a parent or guardian will be informed and/or paramedics must be called by staff and/or volunteers who are present, based on severity of signs and symptoms. Lamb’s Pond recommends evaluation by a physician prior to return to activity. However, all medical decisions are strictly a matter for the individual (or parent or guardian)


Facility Needs

Lamb’s Pond seeks to utilize its resources and assets fully in achieving its mission. The prudent use of facilities and resources is required to protect the safety and well-being of all personnel—including staff, volunteers and service recipients—while safeguarding the organization’s financial assets.

• Adequate security system

• Hand rails near stairs

• First Aid Kits available in key locations on the property

Facility Design

Lamb’s Pond is committed to providing a safe environment for its guests and staff through the appropriate use of its premises whether owned, leased or borrowed. The organization strives to construct or modify each property to most efficiently and effectively provide services to our guests while meeting all required codes and regulations.


To maintain the quality of its facilities and to ensure the safety of our operations, Lamb’s Pond has adopted an inspections schedule and will respond quickly to any deficiencies identified during the inspections. Inspections include:

• Septic inspection (annually)

• Water (annually)

Preventive Maintenance

To protect its property, personnel and guests from harm, Lamb’s Pond will take steps to ensure that the organization complies with manufacturer’s recommended guidelines for maintenance and repair of equipment and premises, building codes and safety regulations of all jurisdictions applicable to our facility; and maintains a log of service, repair and replacement.

Facility Rental/Lease Policy

As a facility owner, Lamb’s Pond is committed to providing outside users of its premises with a safe environment. This commitment includes, but is not limited to, meeting building code requirements, making timely repairs, and providing and maintaining appropriate security.


Top Risks Relating to Volunteers

1. Volunteer involuntarily causing harm to guests

2. Volunteer causing harm to reputation of Lamb’s Pond

Volunteer placement procedures:

• All volunteers will review the policies and procedures for information applicable to volunteers.

• Prospective volunteers are interviewed to determine the best possible placement within Lamb’s Pond. Placement depends on the skills, talents and interests of prospective volunteers, as well as opportunities available at the time of the interview.

• No volunteer will be placed in a position for which she/he is not comfortable

• All volunteers under the age of 18 will be given assignments where an adult supports them.

• All personal information obtained during the provision of volunteer service will be treated as confidential.


Orientation and feedback

• All volunteers will receive a job description and an orientation/tour of Lamb’s Pond. Some positions may require specific training in advance, such as the delivery of workshops and tours, but no matter what, while ‘on-the-job’ you will receive ongoing training and support from staff. It is part of their job to ensure you have all the information you need.

• All volunteers are encouraged to share experiences, get information and keep in touch with other volunteers and staff.

• Volunteers are always asked for suggestions.


Reporting of volunteer hours

• All volunteers are asked to report the hours they volunteer. This enables Lamb’s Pond to recognize volunteers for their contributions. Hours are completed on the available timesheets or reported to the Volunteer Coordinator by email.

• Volunteers scheduled for an assignment who become ill or are otherwise absent, are asked to make every effort to find a replacement and advise the program coordinator or team leader.


Volunteers have the right to:

• Receive accurate information about Lamb’s Pond

• Receive a clear, comprehensive job description

• Be interviewed and appropriately assigned • Receive training as required • Do meaningful and satisfying work

• Be seen as belonging, through inclusion at meetings, social functions, etc

• Be supported in your role

• Be safe on the job

• Have choices and feel comfortable about saying no

• Be consulted on matters that directly or indirectly affect you and your work

• Receive feedback on your work

• Receive recognition for your contributions

• Have your personal information be kept confidential

• Be trusted with confidential information if it is necessary in order to do your job Volunteers are expected to:

• Be reliable and punctual, and let the supervisor know if plans change

• Record all hours of service

• Be trustworthy

• Respect confidentiality

• Respect the rights of people at Lamb’s Pond

• Follow Lamb’s Pond anti-harassment policies

• Have a non-judgmental approach

• Carry out the specified job description

• Give feedback (e.g., participate in evaluations when asked)

Be accountable and accept feedback • Be committed to Lamb Pond’s vision and program

• Avoid overextending themselves

Acknowledge decisions made by Lambs Pond staff 

• Address areas of conflict with the appropriate staff member or Volunteer Coordinator • Undertake training as required

• Ask for support when it is needed • Stay safe on the job

• Bring the priceless gifts of enthusiasm, ideas and energy, and time to Lambs Pond


Lamb’s Pond Volunteer Dismissal  

Volunteers serving Lamb’s Pond may be dismissed at any time when a supervisor determines that:

• The volunteer is indifferent with regard to the organization’s essential rules and requirements;

• The volunteer cannot adequately perform the job for which they have been retained;

• The volunteer’s continued service presents an unacceptable danger to the organization or its personnel or guests. At the time of dismissal, departing volunteers will be provided with a letter thanking them for their past service and explaining the reason why their continued service is no longer required. All volunteer dismissals will be reviewed by senior management in advance of taking action. 

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